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2016 Alberta Soccer Coach Education Dates

Alberta Soccer is pleased to announce the 2016 dates for Coach Licensing Courses (Provincial C & B) and Learning Facilitator training and professional development. We have posted the dates and more information on our website which can be accessed via the following links:

Canada Soccer Pathway Coach's Took Kit

The principle objective of the Coach's Tool Kit is to offer a standard guide to support the many players, parents, coaches and administrators that promote the game at a Grassroots level of participation.

Perkins Restaurant "Coach of the Week" Winners Indoor 2015-2016 Season #1:

Week #1 - Darrell and Deanna Boechler  U12

Week #2 - Steve and Lisa Mathison  U8

Week #3 - James Parsons U8

Week #4 - Denene Mastel U10

Week #5 – Leslie Ricken U10

Week #6 – Scott Fix U12

Week #7- Rhonda McKay U16/U18

Week #8- Brady Bockman U14 & U16/U18

Week #9- Jeff Chisholm U6

Week #10- Sam Roman U10


Please come to the MHSA Office to pick up your gift card.



"Coach of The Week" Winners Outdoor 2015

Week #1 - Reyes Garcia U8G

Week #2 - Terence Kowalchuk U8G & U8B

Week #3 - Dale Holt U10B

Week #4 - Merita Zejnullahu - U12G & U14 Co-ed

Week #5 - Scott Holowachuk - U8B

Week #6 - Jason Graham - U10B

Week #7 - Miranda Davies - U10G & U6B

Week #8 - Robyn Harrington - U8B


Outdoor Rules

Byte Size Coaching