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ASA Insurance Coverage

ASA Insurance Coverage

Alberta Soccer covers its Members with Commercial General Liability, Sport Accident and Excess Travel (out-of-country is now a mandatory purchase) insurance protection. The ASA Insurance policies apply specifically to registered players, coaches, referees, ASA Directors, and Staff. Volunteers listed in member's records, and parent volunteers while supervising registered players at sanctioned games, practices, or events. Both indoor and outdoor seasons are covered. Please note, district and community Directors are not covered. If you are injured in a santioned game or practice, please fill out the Sport Accident Claim form within 60 days. Please follow the link above to obtain further information and the forms required. **Please note, the amounts covered are above what would normally be covered by Alberta Health Care and Private Health Care Plans.

Long Term Player Development

Want to know what the "experts" say is the best way to develop players?  Click on the document below.