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Rattlers Academy Soccer Club (RASC)

RASC Coaching Appointments Indoor 2015-2016

U12B - Greg McLeod
U12G - Craig Barton
U14B - TBD
U14G - Paul Bennett
U16B - Kim Giesbrecht
U16G - Cassandra Westerman
U18B - TBD
U18G - Stan Matthews, Diana Anderson


RASC Tryouts - Indoor 2015-2016

Please see the information sheet below for RASC Tryouts for Indoor 2015-2016.

RASC Coach Application Form - Indoor 2015-2016

If you are interested in coaching RASC for the Indoor 2015-2016 Season, please see the coach application below.

Congratulations RASC U12 Boys - Silver Medalists Tier II Provincials

Congratulations to the 5 RASC Teams that competed May 22-24, 2015 in the Swift Current SoccerFest Classic.

The RASC U12 Girls and the RASC U12 Boys came away from the weekend finishing in the top two spots!

The RASC U14 Girls left Swift Current with Gold Medals around their necks after finishing 1st with a victory over Weyburn 1-0 in the Gold Medal Match. 


RASC U12 Girls

RASC U12 Boys

RASC U14 Girls

Coaching Appointments RASC Outdoor 2015

The following coaches have been appointed for the RASC Outdoor 2015 Season:

U12 Girls - Craig Barton
U12 Boys -Greg McLeod
U14 Girls - Paul Bennett
U14 Boys - Ben Bellavance
U16 Girls - Stan Matthews
U16 Boys - Kim Giesbrecht
U18 Girls - Paul Vasquez
U18 Boys - Nigel Lonsdale


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Provincials Indoor 2014-2015 Silver Medalists U16 Girls

Provincials Indoor 2014-2015 Silver Medalists - RASC U16G

Slush Cup 2015 - Edmonton

RASC U14 Girls - Silver

RASC U18 Boys - Bronze

Regina Winterfest 2015



The MHSA would like to thank Jim Loughlin for his kind donation of equipment to our program!  We appreciate your continued support.

MHSA Coach Recruitment and Selection Policy

Please see the MHSA Coach Recruitment and Selection Policy below.

Bingo Schedule July - December 2015

July 16 - Afternoon (8 workers) - U16 Girls

August 7 - Evening (10 workers) - U18 Boys

September 4 - Afternoon (8 workers) - U18 Girls

October 10 - Evening (10 workers) - U12 Boys - Mcleod

November 5 - Afternoon (8 workers) - U12 Boys - Musliu

December 3 - Evening (9 workers) - U12 Girls - Barton

TBD - U12 Girls - Lay

TBD- U14 Boys

TBD - U14 Girls

TBD - U16 Boys


** 75% of your workers must be club members.

** Team Managers, please have your list of workers, including first and last name and phone numbers, submitted to the office at least one week before the event that your team is scheduled to work.

**Please be advised that the chairperson is responsible for picking up the Bingo Books the day before the Bingo and returning them the day after the event.


Thank you!

The RASC Vision Statement

The RASC has the following Vision for every member of its Club:


Outstanding Citizens, Student-Athletes and Soccer Players


Outstanding Citizens...


Our priority will be to help boys and girls learn about being a productive citizen in their Team, School and Community. We value respect of self & others, honesty, integrity, hard work, commitment and discipline. We will expect this from all members of the Club.




Academically, our priority will be to help boys & girls to recognize that without a focus on achieving THEIR personal best in the classroom as students that their opportunities are limited. We will emphasize that in order to progress as a soccer player it will be crucial to ensure that their grades remain high and their behaviour while at school is at a standard of an outstanding citizen.

Athletically, our priority will be to focus on the Long-Term Athlete Development model with the understanding that some RASC participants will move on to excel in other sports. We will ensure that boys & girls develop a comprehensive athletic base that will enable them to value sport, healthy lifestyles, balance in training, rest & recovery and to be Active For Life.


Soccer Players...


Our priority will be to help boys & girls to develop the technical, tactical, physical and mental skills necessary to compete at the highest level they desire. We will focus on implementing the Canadian Soccer Association's Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) model from the FUNdamentals Stage (U8 players) to the Active for Life Stage (18+ age i.e. playing, refereeing & coaching). By the time boys & girls graduate from the RASC Youth Program, they will be capable of competing at the College and/or University Soccer levels should that be THEIR desire.

Some benefits of playing in the RASC are...

1. Participants are eligible to play on Provincial Select Teams.

2. Participants play up to 30 games per Season through local league play, exhibition games, tournaments and provincial championships.

3. Participants recieve 2-3 practices per week from NCCP Trained Coaches including the MHSA's District Head Coach who has been a professional coach since 1993.

4. Participants are part of a structured player development program that follows the guidelines set out in the Canadian Soccer Association's Long-Term Player Development Program (CSA's LTPD). An overview of the CSA's LTPD can be found below.

5. Many graduates of the Club Program have gone on to compete at the CCAA (Canadian Collegiate Athletics Association) and CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) levels on athletic scholarships. In 2012, 25 Crusaders (now RASC) Graduates played at the CCAA or CIS levels on partial or full tuition scholarships.

Should you have any questions regarding the Rattlers Academy Soccer Club, please contact:

MHSA Office

RASC Team Administration Documents

Please find below the relevant documents for particpation in the RASC. Ensure that you review each document closely as there have been some updates.

Parent Handbook Outdoor 2015

Please find below our Parent Handbook for Outdoor 2015.  In it you will find information for parents, players, and coaches.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the MHSA Office at 403.529.6931 or 

Coach Travel Expense Form

Reminder, coach expenses must be submitted to the office within 1 week from date of tournament.

Web Site Access for Coaches, Managers and Referee Mentors:

Please click here for complete instructions on signing up for a web site account and gaining access to your team's pages.

Insurance Coverage (through Alberta Soccer Association)

Take the link below to get more details on the insurance coverage we get through the Alberta Soccer Association's Policy.

Should you have any questions please contact the insurance company directly. Contact information for the insurance company can be found by taking the link below.

Travel Documents

Please review the following two documents for information on entering your team in tournaments outside of Alberta/Canada:

For those teams wishing to enter tournaments outside of Canada, the following documents must be reviewed and submitted: