• How do i claim my childs in-office registration, and what does this do?

  • This is the final step of the in-office registration.
  • Claiming a registrant entry will attach that entry to a SportsEngine account. This ensures that you receive all the information that we send via mass email.

Please see document to the right on instructions to claim the registration entry. 

Click the HERE to go to your dashboard within your account settings. 

When you register online, you have to sign into your account in order to register. The connection between the parents account and the player profile is made automatically. 

When you register in-office, we enter your registration into the database. The connection between the parent account and the player profile needs to be done manually. This is done by 'claiming' the registration. 

Step 1: Click the link the email that you received. 
Step 2: Log in or Create a SportsEngine Account
Step 3: Claim the Registration Entry
Step 4: Click Create a New Profile to create a profile for the player or tie the entry to a current profile.