The RASC Vision Statement

The RASC has the following Vision for every member of its Club:

Outstanding Citizens, Student-Athletes and Soccer Players

Outstanding Citizens...

Our priority will be to help boys and girls learn about being a productive citizen in their Team, School and Community. We value respect of self & others, honesty, integrity, hard work, commitment and discipline. We will expect this from all members of the Club.


Academically, our priority will be to help boys & girls to recognize that without a focus on achieving THEIR personal best in the classroom as students that their opportunities are limited. We will emphasize that in order to progress as a soccer player it will be crucial to ensure that their grades remain high and their behaviour while at school is at a standard of an outstanding citizen.

Athletically, our priority will be to focus on the Long-Term Athlete Development model with the understanding that some RASC participants will move on to excel in other sports. We will ensure that boys & girls develop a comprehensive athletic base that will enable them to value sport, healthy lifestyles, balance in training, rest & recovery and to be Active For Life.

Soccer Players...

Our priority will be to help boys & girls to develop the technical, tactical, physical and mental skills necessary to compete at the highest level they desire. We will focus on implementing the Canadian Soccer Association's Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) model from the FUNdamentals Stage (U8 players) to the Active for Life Stage (18+ age i.e. playing, refereeing & coaching). By the time boys & girls graduate from the RASC Youth Program, they will be capable of competing at the College and/or University Soccer levels should that be THEIR desire.

Some benefits of playing in the RASC are...

1. Participants are eligible to play on Provincial Select Teams.

2. Participants play up to 30 games per Season through local league play, exhibition games, tournaments and provincial championships.

3. Participants receive 2-3 practices per week from NCCP Trained Coaches. 

4. Participants are part of a structured player development program that follows the guidelines set out in the Canadian Soccer Association's Long-Term Player Development Program (CSA's LTPD). An overview of the CSA's LTPD can be found below.

5. Many graduates of the Club Program have gone on to compete at the CCAA (Canadian Collegiate Athletics Association) and CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) levels on athletic scholarships. In 2012, 25 Crusaders (now RASC) Graduates played at the CCAA or CIS levels on partial or full tuition scholarships.

Should you have any questions regarding the Rattlers Academy Soccer Club, please contact:

MHSA Office