Registration Process when Applying for Financial Assistance 

  1. Contact the office for the funding process before applying for KidSport or Jumpstart
  2. Register for soccer in the office or submit completed in-office registration form
  3. Apply for funding (see below)
  4. Submit funding application proof of submission to the office

Contact the Office as soon as possible for more information.


The best option is to apply early as funding is not guaranteed.


Should you not be approved, please notify the office to setup a payment plan.



Online registration is not available if you require funding options.

You must submit your registration forms for soccer and funding application submission documentation to the MHSA office by the in-office deadline of March 8th at 4:20 pm.

Note: If you do not have your registration form and funding application submission information into the office by the in-office deadline, additional fees will apply to process your registration. 

If it is past the Online Only registration deadline, please contact the office BEFORE apply for funding to ensure there is a spot available for your child. 


$300 per calendar year

(Kids aged between 4-18)


Jumpstart Online Application

$300 per calendar year

(Kids aged 18 and under)


KidSport Online Application

You must apply online directly to these program yourself.  We cannot do it on your behalf. 


The MHSA has a computer set up for you to use for your online applications.

Please remember to bring your proof of income documents to complete the application process.


Payment Plans

We will work with families to assist them in any way we can. 


  • Half registration fee is due at time of registration
  • 2 payments paid prior to the start of the season via
    • Post-dated cheques or
    • Authorized scheduled credit card payments

We will do our best to work with you to ensure your child/children can enjoy a great season of soccer. 

in-office DEADLINE - Mar 8th @4:30pm*