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Are you new to Soccer, or just to Medicine Hat Soccer Association?

Here we aim to guide you through the many programs we have to offer.

Please click on the League Information tab for detailed information for each age group including birth years. 

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Step One

How old is your child?

We offer Community League year round for players from U4 - U19 (ages 3 to 18 years). Community League is for players of all abilities from beginners and beyond.

We also offer RASC (Rattle Academy Soccer Club) League year round for players in U13 - U17 (ages 12 to 16 years). RASC League is for the more competitive players to develop the technical, tactical, physical and mental skills necessary to compete at the highest level they desire. For those interested in playing on a RASC Team, tryouts are held prior to the season to determine if your child will be invited to play in the RASC League.

Adult players (16+) can find information at Senior Women's Soccer or Senior Men's Soccer for programs and league information. 

Step Two

What is the level of interest and commitment?

Our Community League runs once (U4) or twice (U5-U19) a week in both indoor and outdoor soccer. 

All of our Community Leagues' practices and/or games are held exclusively in Medicine Hat (Family Leisure Center - indoor; various community fields - outdoor).

Our RASC League runs three or four times a week in both indoor and outdoor soccer. These include practices and games, out of town exhibition games, tournaments, and Provincials.

Our RASC League practices are held  exclusively in Medicine Hat (various fields in indoor and outdoor). Out of town tournaments and exhibition games are held in various locations in Alberta and Saskatchewan, with Provincials in various locations in Alberta. 

Step Three

Choose whether your child is best suited to Community or RASC League.

Community League:

  • Level of play: Recreational
  • Coaches: Volunteer coaches
  • Fees: Registration fees only
  • Commitment:
    • Once (U4) or Twice (U5-U19) a week

RASC League:

  • Level of play: Competitive
  • Coaches: NCCP trained coaches
  • Fees: Registration fees plus additional Team and Club fees, parents are responsible for their travel costs
  • Commitment:
    • Three - four days a week;
      • 2-3 practices
      • Up to 30 games per season through local league play, exhibition games, tournaments, and Provincial Championships
    • Fundraising and bingo

If you are interested in a Community team, register in the appropriate Community League age group.

If you are a returning RASC player, register in the appropriate RASC League age group.

If you are interested in trying out for a RASC Team, register in the appropriate Community age group and check off the 'Interested in trying out for RASC' box.

If your player is invited to a RASC team, there will be additional fees to pay. If your player is not invited to a RASC team, they will automatically be placed on a Community team.

Any questions, please have a look at the LEAGUE INFORMATION page or email us at:


Office Staff Medicine Hat Soccer Association

Office Staff Medicine Hat Soccer Association

101 - 533 2nd Street SE, Monday-Friday 12:00-6.30

Phone: 403-529-6931

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