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Registration deadline - 2nd Season Indoor 2016/2017 - Dec. 11th Online Only


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Can't find your tax receipts?

If you registered in the office, then you will have to come down to the office and we can print them off for you *fees do apply.

If you registered online, below is the way to reprint them.
Sign into your account > on the drop down arrow beside your username select "Purchased Items" and you can print from there. As well, you would of recieved an email with your receipt when you registered. 


Hi there!

About ten years ago, the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) introduced Long Term Player Development (LTPD) as the core framework to develop soccer players in Canada. Since then, much work has been put in by your provincial/territorial soccer association to enshrine LTPD into how the game of soccer is played, coached and programmed around the country. Much has been accomplished, but we are keen to understand in more detail how far LTPD has been implemented into day-to-day Canadian soccer, and what the broader Canadian soccer community thinks of it.

So the Canadian Soccer Association has contracted sport consultancy Capitis Consulting to assess how far LTPD has been implemented across grassroots soccer in Canada. And to do this, we want to hear from you! Whether you are a coach, a player, the parent of a youth player, a referee, or a soccer administrator, we want to hear from you about your experiences in soccer in recent years, and what your understanding of and views on LTPD are!

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey, giving your feedback on the changing face of Canadian soccer. It's your chance to have a genuine say in how soccer can be developed into the future, for the betterment of all! Complete the survey now by clicking of the link below. And note that the survey closes on Saturday 31st December 2016, so be sure to complete it before then and have your say!

National Grassroots LTPD Survey (CSA)

Sondage national communautaire (ACS)

MHSA Annual General Meeting Results

President - Jeff Vangen

Senior Director - Ryan Landreville

Mini Director - Dwayne Alves

Minor Director - Trevor Copeland

Treasurer - Vacant


Special Olympics 2017 - Help Needed

Dear Membership:

The organizers for The Special Olympics, which will be held here in Medicine Hat July 7-9, 2017, are looking for some help.

There will be a Soccer venue with 9 teams from all over the province participating.

The Special Olympics relies heavily on volunteers and they are looking for senior referees that would like to volunteer their time officiating games. Linesmen are also required. The linesman can be younger/junior.

They also require ball runners. The ball runners can be players who are involved in soccer and would like to be part of the Special Olympics.

Please feel free to contact the following if you have any questions:

Terry - Email:
Cell Phone: 403-878-5867 or

Rob - Email:
Cell Phone: 403-548-4461

Anyone who is interested can contact the above and they will assist volunteers to complete the necessary forms.


Quick Links & Information By Group

For current season information , please select appropriate tab by age group.

Current News & Information


    Week #1 - Melissa Hozack  U5/U6 & U10

    Week #2 - Cam McCarty U10

    Week #3 - Cam Davis  U8

    Week #4 - David Gillies  U12

    Week #5 - Kariann Szemethy  U10

    Week #6 - Ryan Foxcroft  U16/U18

    Week #7 - Janell Velichko  U5/U6


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